New Balance Classic Coaches Jacket


New Balance makes jackets?


First of all, I’ve never really viewed New Balance as anything more than a sneaker company until I laid eyes on this beautiful transitional jacket a few weeks ago.  While lifestyle sneakers by New Balance are among the best out there, this bomber style jacket puts them right in the heart of the street style game.  I love the coach-style block letters sprawled across the back.  I can’t get enough of the contrasting snaps and cinch lace.  The New Balance Classic Coach Jacket is a windbreaker by day and a game changer by night.


Man putting Profound Aesthetic ball cap on his head


Norwood Clothing Company

Norwood is a Regina favorite clothing store and for good reason.  They carry all the classic brands.  All quality products – New Balance, Reigning Champ, Brixton & Levi’s to name a few of my favorites.  I was shopping in there a few weeks ago with @vanpetays when I stumbled across this classic street piece.  So now I have since reached for it every other day almost inevitably.  Looks like I’ll have to pop back in to Norwood to say hello and see what else they have in store. (or you can shop them online)


model posing in a black New Balance jacket


Transitional Weather

In the heart of the prairies we have the pleasure of  tangibly observing every season very distinctly. However there seems to be a small transitional phase in between all 4 seasons.  As a result, we have become very crafty in our layering and clever in our wardrobes.  Clever and stylish.  In essence, this transitional period can be sometimes awkward to dress for.  This New Balance coach jacket is the perfect neutral ground which is why I have such a vaunting opinion of it.


New Balance sprawled across the back of a black jacket


Brick & Mortar

Watch brick and mortar fall like dripping water, ugh!
– Chance the Rapper

In my humble supposition, brick & mortar is not dead.  There is still so much value in sifting through racks and breathing in retail experiences.  Brick and mortar gives boutiques the ability to create a vibe within a distinct environment.  I’m really glad for the menswear culture shift that has inspired so many great clothing stores to have life.  Norwood is among these shops and it feels good supporting the local scene.  Having the ability to try on the New Balance Coach jacket is truly what sold me.  To touch and feel and enjoy a garment before you purchase it cannot be replaced.


Midsection of model with hand in his pocket


All Black Everything

See I fell asleep and had a dream
It was all black everything.
– Lupe Fiasco

Okay, so I’m not quite wearing all black everything.  However, black on black outfits are a staple in my wardrobe right now.  If there was a gun to my head and I was being forced to choose just one color for all my garments it would be black.  It’s just so versatile and it plays nicely into the street style scene.  I wear most of my black with moderation with some white or grey tones to maintain a balance.



Full Outfit Details (click to shop)

Hat – Profound Aesthetic
Grey Zip Hoody – Gap
Jacket – New Balance Classic Coach Jacket
Pants – Scotch & Soda Phaidon Black Rinse
Boots – Call It Spring! (out of stock)
White Layering Tee – Zanerobe
Watch – Daniel Wellington

Stay Transitional, my friends.

Photography by Vanessa Petays

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