Living the KIXS Life

I walked into the store and asked for Max. Five minutes later we had 15 pieces in a change room for me to try on. Ten minutes later Max and I were laughing and joking as though we’d known each other for a long time. This is the KIXS life I’d heard so much about. In addition to offering a range of brands you normally don’t find in a mall, they offer an experience you definitely don’t expect at a mall. The KIXS life.

Founded in 2009, KIXS now has nine stores in Alberta and one in BC. They have always been on our radar, I stop by their shop in The Core regularly, but it has taken a little while to work on a project together. My friend Luke, whose blog I would happily link to if he ever got around to publishing it, asked if I would model for a lookbook featuring KIXS clothing. I told him I’d be happy to. With Max’s help we pulled some looks from KIXS Cross Iron and hit up 17th ave. With frequent stops at Clive Burger [check it out here], we ventured up and down the avenue shooting in the dusk. Max was the loyal packhorse and Luke’s talent was on full display. We had a great time and got many excellent shots along the way.

Let’s circle back around to the pulling of looks at KIXS Cross Iron. It was ridiculously easy. KIXS stocks the brands and clothing I like to wear. Max and I walked through the store and had more than enough pieces for the lookbook in minutes. In fact, I felt bad for Max because he had to put all the clothes back that we didn’t use. The range of brands at KIXS is wide and they have lots of price points and styles. It’s safe to say they can make anyone look good for a very reasonable prive.

Let’s talk about some of the brands we used in the shoot. Neuw Denim really has our attention lately. While known for their denim program they have been putting out amazing tops and outerwear as well. Vitaly is an incredible brand out of Toronto providing perfect basics and accessories. Their more advanced offerings are cut beautifully and have great texture. i love ugly is a very challenging brand creating very exciting pieces. I’m sure you’ve heard of Zanerobe, but they are much more than joggers now. Their tops have really come a long way. While these are just some of the brands KIXS offers, we heavily recommend them.

I am working on simplifying my wardrobe and I wanted to showcase that in this lookbook. We wanted to let the quality of the clothing speak for itself. Also, we made sure to build looks that were easy to replicate. Other than the camo pants you’ll see when you scroll down, we stuck to staple colours. You’ll never regret adding black or forest green to your closet. One quick recommendation, add a knit piece that has some texture if you don’t own a couple already. The sweaters in the first and seconds looks aren’t flashy, but they draw attention because of their fabric. Wearing a textured sweater with jeans will make you the best dressed guy in the room in an understated way.

I didn’t want to use all Luke’s pictures – he took tons of great ones and has plans to use them.  Here are just a few photos of each look and an explanation what I wore. Go see Max at Cross Iron if you live close. If not, find out if you live close to one of KIXS other locations [here]. I promise you an incredible shopping experience. It won’t take much time for you to live the KIXS life yourself. If you aren’t close enough to a KIXS location, their online shop will look after you [here].

Look 1

KIXS Sweater

KIXS Outfit

Neuw Combat Knit in olive
Vitaly Double Scoop Tee in black
Zanerobe Scrambler in tough black
Vitaly Strejk Necklace in silver

Look 2

KIXS Look 2

KIXS Clothing

Vitaly Fishtail Sweater in black
Vitaly A-Cut Tee in black
Zanerobe Sureshot Jogger in tan
Vitaly Strejk Necklace in silver

Look 3



Zanerobe Pack Crew in peat
Vitaly Double Scoop Tee in black
i love ugly Zespy Pant in camo green
Vitaly Strejk Necklace in silver
Vitaly Dubbel Bracelet in black


Have you experienced the KIXS life? Tell us your story in the comments below!



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