Layering With Dickies Flannels

We have bad news for you: winter is only half over. By now you’re tired of bundling up, of worrying more about body temperature than style, and of debating the merits of scarves with your friends. We are all in the same boat, but let’s see if we can shake things up. Winter dressing isn’t complicated – the more layers we have on, the warmer we’ll be. Luckily, Dickies makes a perfect layering piece. Their new Flannel Long Sleeve Woven Shirt [see it here] is ideal for Canadian winters. Throw it over a tee-shirt or thin sweater and under your warmest jacket and you’ll be ready to face the cold. A few weeks ago my good friend Hayden of [Style Out Here] and I wandered around Inglewood in Calgary shooting a lookbook in Dickies flannels. Huge thanks to him for these great shots! 

Dickies Flannel

A couple of months ago, Olivia asked if I’d be interested in featuring a Dickies flannel as a layering piece on the site. I’m going to be honest, Dickies wasn’t even remotely on my radar for a couple of reasons. First, they are such an iconic company I didn’t think they’d ever reach out to us. Second, I wasn’t aware they offered anything that I’d ever wear. I was wrong on both fronts. While Dickies does have a cult following in some style circles, it wasn’t a brand I ever paid much attention to.

For almost 100 years Dickies has been making clothes for people to go to work in. Their apparel has always been very sturdy and reliable. Everyone knows about Dickies hard working clothing, but they can look really good as well. As I unpacked the flannels I could immediately tell they were well made. The thickness of the fabric and the perfection of the stitching was exactly what I’d expect from such an established company. I was also impressed by the fit. I just expected it to be way oversized, but when I put the shirts on they fit exactly as I’d hoped. Big enough that I could easily add layers underneath but not too big. Just as a matter of personal taste, I would have liked them to be a little longer in the body, but that would be my only slight issue with the product.

Dickies Flannel

When I think of a flannel as a layering piece, I think of it as something that I can wear over some pieces and under others. I kept both looks quite simple by wearing a shirt under the flannel and a jacket over it. The colours are very basic so they’ll go seamlessly with the clothing you already own. Step one is check the weather – how cold is it going to be? This will determine how many layers you’ll need and how thick the layers need to be. From there, have some fun. There are plenty of ways to get more creative than I did. Pick up a flannel here [Dickies Flannel] and show us how you layer with it.

Look #1

Kit and Ace T-Shirt in grey
Dickies Flannel in black and red
William Rast Biker Jacket in black
Levi’s 510 Denim in black
K Studio Boots in black
Spitfire Sunglasses in black and gold
Profound Aesthetic Driving Gloves in camel

Dickies Flannel

Dickies Flannel

Look #2

John Elliott x Gap Long Sleeve T-Shirt in grey
Dickies Flannel in black and white
Topman Peacoat in burgundy
John Elliott x Gap Denim in white
Mr. Bs for Aldo Chelsea Boot in tan
Spitfire Sunglasses in black and gold
Profound Aesthetic Driving Gloves in camel

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