Konifer Watches: Wooden Watches For Sustainability

Why Konifer?

Konifer is one of those eco-responsible companies that was founded by Kickstarter in 2013.  Why we love them? They are Canadian and they are partnered with WeForest. This means they are committed to plant a tree in the ground for each watch that is purchased. Incentive enough?


Link To Purchase Konifer Watch Taiga Zebra


My Experience With Konifer Watch

I’ve never been the owner of a wooden watch until Konifer reached out to us.  I’ve looked at many different versions in display cases at SpareParts or WatchIt stores but couldn’t pull the trigger.  What I didn’t realize is how comfortable and light they really are.  Also, Konifer sent me the Navigator Zebra which is a handmade zebrawood band which means it is even lighter.  The finish is a non toxic oil finish which means this watch is also hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about it reacting with your skin.  Truly a versatile, unisex piece that can be added to any style or class.  We set out to photograph this beautiful handmade Canadian watch and realized quickly just how difficult it is to actually shoot a watch!


Man posing with konifer watch


As I’ve already mentioned, a wooden watch provides exceptional comfort and wearability.  I was skeptical about the linkage at first, thinking that it might be too bulky and constantly catching my arm hair as some watches do.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it flows really smooth.  There’s freedom of movement and due to it being so light, you can hardly feel it on your wrist.  The clock face is well marked which makes it very functional and really quite easy to tell the time – that’s not the case with all watches.  I love the little Canadian maple leaf at 6:00 that reminds me of my roots.


I also felt like the wooden Konifer watch would be very susceptible to light wear and tear.  You would think that the wood should chip away easy or even scratch easy.  Again I was intrigued by the fact that after a couple months of wear it maintained its new condition.  Even the clasp itself stayed very robust after taking it on and off multiple times.

Overall, I was very happy with the product and will continue to wear it and test its limits.  You’re in luck, the Navigator Zebra is for sale right now. [See it here]. Happy time telling!

Man checking the time



Great wood, Konifer.

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