ELEVEN03’s LOW LIFE Lookbook

Our friends at ELEVEN03 have taken massive strides over the past few years. Yes, you’ve seen their product on this site before, but get ready to see a progression. We’ve seen it ourselves and are so proud of the boys. They are about to release their second handmade collection titled LOW LIFE. We have the lookbook for you to check out right here.

We are so proud of Logan and Luke – the co founders of ELEVEN03. They are two very smart guys who are extremely talented. Watching them grow and push boundaries has been very inspirational for us. We’ve seen the work that goes into a collection like this. Logan and Luke do everything from the designing of the pieces to the actual fabrication of the line. There is such beauty in the fact that their hands are the only ones that ever touch these pieces before they are sold.

We get so excited to see a lookbook like this. There is an energy to it. It has life. There is so much anticipation to see the pieces in real life; I know I can’t wait to get the opportunity. You can bet a couple of pieces will be going straight from the lookbook to my closet as soon as I get the chance.

We are so lucky to work with small brands like these. Logan and Luke pour their heart and soul into every part of ELEVEN03 and it’s an honour to help them spread their message. We think it is so important that people support brands like this. Small, local brands who are putting their all into the brand. When this collection becomes available for purchase we will tell you exactly how to get your hands on it. Also, look for more content about Logan and Luke and ELEVEN03 coming soon.


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