Denim Never Dies: Canadian Tuxedo Reborn

A Canadian Tuxedo Reborn

Y’all act like you’ve never seen a Canadian tuxedo before.  This denim on denim look goes to show that the Canadian tux isn’t dead. In fact, it’s not an awful 90’s play either.  It really lends itself as a transition into the whole street style movement which is inevitably taking over my fits these days.


Levi's Denim Jacket Worn By Model


Function vs. fashion

This look is inspired by function as much as it is fashion.  In the bitter Saskatchewan cold you need to layer garments that will block out the wind and retain warmth.  The denim trucker by Levi’s is obviously a timeless classic that serves the purpose of a wind blocker.  The cashmere wool blend topcoat hugs the denim close to your body and keeps in the heat while providing a natural stance pocket to keep your hands from freezing off as well.  Other than my face looking cold, I’m warm and comfortable in this denim look.


Man Wearing Daniel Wellington Watch


Layering Is Key

Adding long, contrasting layering pieces has become a go-to move when dressing up for a weekend on the mean streets.  These are pieces that add character and flare to keep a denim on denim look from being too elementary and monotonous.  I love this button down by Saturdays NYC. It can be easily dressed up for a more casual event, or layered in to a denim street style combo. It is a very versatile piece.  For the scooping white tee, let’s just say that a man can never own too many of these.  You can wear them around your house paired with sweatpants, or layered under virtually any street style inspired outfit.


White Nike Air Max Worn With Rolled Cuffs


White Nikes

What says fresh to death like a pair of clean white Nikes?  These classic pure white Air Max are really the icing on the cake to this look.  Denim on denim can be worn casually with a tie and dress shoes.  Denim on denim can also be worn with fresh white nikes and some layering tees giving you a whole different story.

Here’s what Frank Ocean has to say on the subject on the Track, Nikes –  Album, Blonde.

These bitches want Nikes
They looking for a check
Tell ’em it ain’t likely
Said she need a ring like Carmelo
Must be on that white like Othello
All you want is Nikes
But the real ones
Just like you
Just like me

Jack & Jones Denim

I love the way Jack & Jones fits my legs.  With denim, you really have to find a brand that fits you well and stick with it.  I won’t say that I’m only going to buy J&J going forward because I’m keen on brands like Naked & Famous, Levi’s and Neuw but JJ has locked down a really good fit.  Being a cuff roller by trade you will often see me letting my ankles breathe.  It looks really clean with the shoes especially in a street style scenario.


Model Walking Down Brick Alley In Denim


Don’t Sleep On The Accessories

Dad hats, dad hats, dad hats.  If you want to up the ante and really max out your street style looks you’re going to need one of these.  A plain solid color hat, perhaps a small logo is the key.  This one here is from our good homies over at Eleven03Apparel.  The Daniel Wellington watch goes a long way too, another versatile piece that brings any look home.



They say street style don’t smile, this ones for a hater.

Photography x @vanpetays (Vanessa Petays)

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