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Graeme Drummond – Creative Director

Age: 24
Location: Calgary, AB.
Daily Grind: Golf Professional.
Style Icons: Brandon Flowers and Ryan Gosling.
Favorite Brand: Levi’s, John Elliott and Club Monaco.
Style Description: Elevated ruggedness. I like pairing pieces like blazers, ties and pocket squares with elements like denim, leather and plaid. My two favourite pairs of footwear are a pair of brown wingtip brogues and a pair of beat-up leather boots. That contrast sums up my style quite well.
Style Inspiration: Essentially, trying to look like a rock star while staying comfortable and not looking sloppy.
First On In The Morning: Socks, always socks first.
Favorite Band: The Killers, John Mayer, The 1975 and Kanye West.
McDonald’s Order: Big Mac Combo, Upsized, Sprite. I used to know the cost by heart. I think it’s in the $8.40 range.
How Many Pairs of Shoes: 34. Yikes.
Top Two Hobbies: Golf and Music. The first I can play, the second I can not.
Scared Of: Heights. Good thing I’m not that tall.
Average Bed Time: 2am.
Most Hated Household Chore: Emptying the dishwasher. I will avoid the kitchen when I know it needs emptying.
Last Entry In Field Notes: Cage the Elephant/July Talk/Lovelife.
Over Rated: U2. Terrible.
Under Rated: Australian Rules Footy. The best.
Favorite Car: Sandy Cohen’s Range Rover from the OC.
Craziest Things Ever Done: Zip-line (see “scared of”).
Golf Shot: I wish I could hit a nice draw, but when I try, I hit hooks. My natural ball flight is a fade.
Addiction: Red Bull. This website is fuelled by Red Bull.
Favorite Meal Gramma Makes: Homemade Mac + Cheese. She owns that dish.
Snack: Wine Gums or Mrs. Vickies Salt + Vin.
Favorite Accessory: Field Notes. Never leave the house without it.

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Curtis Drummond – Brand Ambassador

Age: 22
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Daily Grind: CSR, Gregg Distrubtors. Custom Suiting (
Style Icons: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, JT
Favorite Brand: Levi’s, Zanerobe, Eph Apparel
Style Description: Street to Sunday best.  I try to dress slim and fresh with clean, collected, and charismatic color schemes.  How’s that for alliteration?
Style Inspiration: I’m inspired by stylish guys who are primarily focused on positive lifestyles and careers that choose to dress well on the side.  Style is more than just putting on clothes.
Favorite Band: Music.
Snack: Popcorn twists. Fruit loops. Cucumbers.
Favorite Meal Gramma Makes: For some reason creamed corn comes to mind. Also, raisin pudding.
Latest Field Notes Entry: Be firm, but fair.
Addiction: Red Bull, Lip Chap
Random Bucket List: Travel Canada by rail.
Over Rated: UFC
Under Rated: Naps
Favorite App: 8tracks.
Favorite Accessory: Pocket square.
How Many Pairs of Shoes: 21.
Favorite Social Media Platform: Instagram.
McDonald’s Order: Number 1 Combo.
Favorite Car: 2004 Volkswagen R32
Top Two Hobbies: Nerding out (blogging), riding bicycle.
Scared Of: Stairs when it’s dark.  Ahhhh! Someone is following me!
Favorite Amusement Park Ride: Swings.
Golf shot: Glow in the dark mini golf?

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